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Phool Fashion Ltd is an import house based out of New York and has been in this trade since 1978. We are backed by a team of professionals who have handled products that require multiple processes within the same garment.

With our base of operations in New York and New Delhi, we have quick access to the centers involved in the various hand processes that India (Delhi) is famous for (crochet, beading and tie-dye etc.). We facilitate safe and controlled environment for effective logistical support that High-Fashion multi--processed garments are so dependent upon.

We, as an organisation, Overseas and in the U.S. have focused on value added products. We specialise in garment dyeing and different kinds of washing and strive to bring the artisans of hand processes into our premises so that the work is carried out in a clean and safe environment. The rejections that could occur due to long distance transportation and unverified work centres are reduced along with the time taken to transport batches of daily production. This procedure is seldom found among our Competitors and thereby; giving us an edge on overall control of the garment, lower rejections and shorter lead times.

In the past thirty years Phool has developed a strong following of retail operations. This includes better specialty stores, department stores and catalogs. Phool is also responsible for product development for many reputable multi unit organisations throughout America. Some of the companies we have worked with include, Lane Bryant, Potpourri Group, Thompson Group, Chico’s, Drapers, May Company, Parisian to name a few.

Our collection is well known for its beautiful selection of prints, and the natural fabrications used. The piece goods used include georgette, cotton-voile, rayon crepe, denim, velvets, knits and woven garments.